Topic - TheTrillavision Video Process

Portraying stories through video is not a new concept.From at-home videos, binge-worthy TV shows, and critically acclaimed movies,there is an endless amount of video in the world that connects us. In fact,this format of visual storytelling is one of the most impactful ways to harnessthe emotions of others. Perhaps this fundamental factor is the very reason whyvideo has evolved beyond the Big Screen to businesses like yours.
Today, it’s common for companies and influencers toproduce video content to push a product or service. At Trillavision, our gangis here to let you know you don’t have to go at it alone. We fuse ourtechniques and video process with your vision to build a new narrative.
We bring out the truth in your project, and that startswith being transparent about our video process. We’velaid out how our creators take your video project from concept to completion.

The Strategy

Before setting our hands on a camera (we know you’re excited about thatpart), we’ll put you on our calendar to discuss the strategy. This initialmeeting will tell us the 5 Ws:
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
We all remember the 5 Ws from elementary school, and although we may haveonce thought we’d disregard such basic information, as it turns out, it hasproven incredibly useful. The information you provide the team will allow us tobring your ideas to life and, in turn, have a deeper impact.
But, wait, we still need a few more things from you during this stage.We’ll also ask questions about:
  • Yourtarget audience
  • Whatproblems you’d like the video to address or solve
  • Anyother concerns you may have
The answers to the questions above will tailorthe project's tone and messaging to ensureyour objectives are met once the video is completed.

The Strategy

Alright, now that we have a better idea of your goals, we’ll then draw upa video treatment that will consist of:
  • AVisual concept
  • Stylesuggestions
As ourcollaborator on the project, we’ll pitch the message of your story to your teamso you’ll have the opportunity to narrow down the ideas or give feedback topull the story together. Honestly, the most importantthing is that we include all the elements we need to make your story come tolife.
From there,it’s up to us to figure out the look and feel of the video. This will determinewhat and who is included in the script, whatlocation the video will take place at, you know, the fun stuff —all of whichdepend on the project budget.
With yourfeedback in place, we’ll send you the video treatmentwith the understanding that there will be open communication and comfortableback and forth until the video details are fine-tuned.

The Plan

Now it’s time to bring all of the ideas discussed in the previous steps tolife! This is where the heavy lifting comes in, but don’t worry, for this phase, you can sitback, relax, and let us handle the work.From scouting and booking locations, hiring actingand narrative talent, and handling artdirection, amongst other details, we’ve got itall covered.

The Shoot

And now it’s time for the part we’ve all been waitingfor: shoot day. At this point in the project, we’ve prepared all thenitty-gritty details like:
  • Artdirection
  • Lighting
  • Cameras
  • Sound
  • Hairand makeup
Trillavision makes sure every detail is confirmed before shoot day soeveryone can focus on capturing video.
Speaking of shoot day, filming is a long process and the day can spananywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. It sounds rigorous, butit’s totally worth it at the end. We encourage you tobe on set for this phase of the process so that you can have input and makefinal decisions. But, if you can’t make it, you can trust that your brand is ingood hands with Trillavision.

The Edit

After we call it a wrap on set, it’s time to head into the post-productionphase of the video process. Using all the footage we gathered on shoot day,we’ll begin to edit the film and tell the best story we can based on the visionand goals discussed in the steps mentioned above.
Some maythink the editing process is intimidating or somewhat tedious, but for us, thisis where we whip up something beautiful using:
  • Cinematic shots
  • Color grading
  • Audio engineering
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • And our trade secrets (for our ears only)
After we work our magic, we send you a review link so thatyou can watch and give us feedback. We’ll goback and forth through several rounds of edits as needed until you have aproduct you love.
If this sounds like a process you can trust,give us a call or fill out our connect formand tell us about the vision you want to bringto life.