Topic - It’s Shoot Day! 

3, 2, 1, and ACTION! The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: shoot day. This is where all the brainstorming pays off and we get to pick up the camera. Shoot days are long, filled with high-energy, and tons of fun for Trillavision. But don’t just take our word for it, come along for the ride and join us on set as we make your vision a reality.
A common question our collaborators ask us is if they can step foot behind the scenes on shoot day, and the answer is absoufuckinglutley. You play a critical role in the creative process as we take care of your video production. So, with that said, we’d like to make this an official invitation for one to two key persons on your team to set foot behind the scenes with us. 
We look forward to having you on set with us so you may continue being part of the creative process. 
Here’s how it all plays out:

Your Role

Just like us, you also have a specific role during shoot day. You’ll be putting on the hat of creative overseer. In this role, you’ll assist in calling the final shots because this is your video, and know your brand better than anyone. So, yeah, we want and appreciate your input on things like:
  • Art direction
  • Wardrobe
  • Talent performance
  • Plus anything else you catch
However, if you’re happy with how shoot day is rolling out, we encourage you to let us do our thing while you relax and have fun behind the scenes —we’ll come to you on specific points throughout the shoot. Don’t forget to take some cool pics and tag @Trillavision. 
Hernandez presented his photography background and had the students apply what they learned while using Canon DSLR cameras provided by La Feria ISD.