Topic : Guest Speaker at San Benito

How to Network and Present a Successful Business with Creative Director Waldo SAN BENITO, TX - Sept. 10, 2019 - Trillavision Media’s Creative Director Waldo Trilla was invited to speak to San Benito ISD 9-12 graders who were enrolled in the school’s CTE AV Production course.
Waldo discussed the inception of Trillavision, his video production background, tips on how to get started in the industry such as networking with friends, family, and business owners, techniques for filming daily life, and examples of traditional and non-traditional productions he has worked on in years past.
As a business owner, Waldo provided pointers on how to present oneself as a company versus a freelancer. Additionally, Waldo explained the importance of listening to San Benito ISD’s CTE AV Production teachers and instructors.
He said students should take advantage of the video production courses San Benito High School provides its students and gave examples of what career options the students can pursue.
“I’m honored to have spoken with San Benito ISD students about video production,” Waldo said. “It’s amazing to see school systems offering courses that are geared towards creative career paths. I hope the students continue to take advantage of the programs provided and hope they find a fulfilling career in an industry they love.”
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