Topic - 5 Reasons You Should Capture Your Next Event on Video 

Video content has become one of the universal ways we communicate with one another. It’s true. Think about it. Some of the most used social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are filled with videos about, well, just about anything and everything. And, the cool part is that we’re constantly sharing and interacting with such videos with our friends and family. So, why not translate this method of communication to your business’s next big event? 
Hear us out. Life is filled with occasions like a concert or night out where we find the need to pull out our phones and hit the record button. Although that moment is now in the past, the video saved on your camera roll allows you to relive the experience as many times as you want. Or, maybe, you’d rather delete the video altogether —we’ve all been there. 
The point is, we humans like to capture memories on film for both personal and professional reasons. The gang at Trillavision is here to help you film your next big event and here’s a refresher on why it’s essential to include event recaps in your marketing strategy. 

Reason #1 

Extend the length, reach, and impact of your event. 

Let’s face it. Events, no matter how big or small, take a whole lot of planning. In some cases, more than one person on your team may be in charge of organizing a one-night event. And, if you don’t have a video rolling out to show the impact of your event, that’s a lot of time and energy that gets lost. 
Pushing out an event video means you can continue sharing bits and pieces of the event after the event ends. By allowing the event video to live online, this practice extends the length and reach of your event for those who attended. Attendees are also highly likely to reshare the video on their personal pages, meaning more engagement for you. 
We should mention there’s an added bonus to capturing and sharing your event video: you can reach individuals who were unable to attend the event (we’ll talk more about this later). 

Reason #2 

Cross-promote with sponsors and enhance vendor relationships. 

An event takes a village to plan, and an event video is a perfect way to show off all the dope sponsors, vendors, staff and volunteers who helped make your event happen. Trust us, all parties involved will appreciate the shoutout and engage with the video once it’s live on social media and your website —all the while everyone increases their brand awareness. 

Reason #3 

Have creative marketing material for future events. 

You read that right. Even though the event already took place, with the event still alive via video, you can continue to market the occasion for another time and place. You may want to take note of this for businesses that have an event that takes place multiple times a year or annually.
So, when the time comes to promote the event again, all you have to do is pull out the footage from the previous event to showcase its benefits, turnout, and success to ensure your event will be better than the last.

Reason #3.5 

Create hype for your next event. 

Similar to Reason #3, your event video will highlight only the best of your organization, like your company event’s atmosphere, the total attendees, and activities that will give viewers a taste of what to expect at your next event.

Reason #4 

Increase ROI and lead generation. 

Not only does sharing the video of your event remind attendees to follow up on your asks from the event, but it also shows those who didn’t attend what they missed. Your video can summarize the event, its goals, and your calls to action in a way that lets non-attendees get the picture of what your organization is trying to accomplish and why they should still participate in your mission. 
In the end, your overall goal should be to capture the heart, feel, and purpose of your event. If you have something big coming up that you want to share with your audience, talk to us about capturing it. Call Trillavision or send us your info through the Connect form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!